Peychaud’s Aromatic Cocktail Bitters (10 fl oz) [12-PACK]

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Brand Peychaud's

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The classic New Orleans bitters and a crucial ingredient in the signature Sazerac cocktail, Peychaud’s is sure to enhance the taste of whatever you’re sipping. As one of only two brands of cocktail bitters to survive from pre-prohibition days, Peychauds is used some of the world’s most classic cocktails like the Manhattan, Old Fashioned, and Whiskey Sour. Made right in New Orleans, it’s been a legendary favorite since the 1800′s. In stock and ready to ship. Features: Used in cocktails like Manhattans, Old Fashioneds, and in the signature Sazerac Cocktail. One of only two brands to survive from pre-prohibition days. Made in New Orleans. 35% alcohol by volume