Naranja Cocktail Shaker Weighted Mixing Tins Set (Large & Small) [6-PACK]

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Brand Naranja

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This is 6-Pack of a classical stainless steel tin in tin cocktail shaker set . The shakers consists of two individual cups. The large tin has a capacity of 850ml and the smaller one has a volume of 530ml. Used as a tin in tin shaker, you can easily prepare one or more drinks at the same time. Both tins are equipped with a bottom cap to deliver optimal weighted feel. The tins can be used together, separately or combined with a standard mixing glass. Height large cup (cm): 17.8 Diameter large cup (cm): 9.0 Height small cup (cm): 13.0 Diameter small cup (cm): 8.5 Capacity (ml): 850; 530 Material: Stainless Steel