King Luge "No Mess" Ice Luge Mold

$ 39.95

Brand Premier Mixers

The King Luge molds AND holds a dual track 30 lb ice luge. Its unique "no-mess" design allows you to bring the party inside thanks to the perimeter reservoir which holds up to 1 gallon of runoff. It features dual 24" runs with 9" spacing at the base to comfortably fit 2 people at the same time.   



The mold measures 23" by 14" by 6" and is designed to fit in most home freezers with the exception of french door "side by side" style freezers.  We measured dozens of freezers to deliver a luge that utilizes the maximum usable space to deliver an jaw dropping result. Before you even get the tape measurer out, check out our handy compatibility graphic.



Although it varies between freezers, the average freeze time is about 2-3 days. The molding process is simple: we recommend you place the empty mold in the freezer and fill it there vs trying to carry it full of water to the freezer. Once frozen, carefully remove the mold with block still in it from freezer. Working a on safe solid surface, gently turn the mold upside using an open palm to support the center of the block so it doesn't slide out unexpectedly. Once upside down, the tray will lift away from block exposing the perfectly carved tracks. Set the block on the opposite side of the mold and you are ready to luge.


I know what you're thinking..."I've seen these before and I"m pretty sure they are much cheaper."  Unfortunately, you've mistaken us for the little red luge popping up everywhere under different names.  Yea that's most definitely not us.  Apples vs. Oranges or better yet...Mopeds vs. Lamborghinis



The King Luge is not only 50% bigger than the competition, but it creates the necessary track spacing at the base to actually fit 2 human heads simultaneously.


 The King Luge is the only reusable luge to incorporate a built-in perimeter reservoir to collect ice melt or runoff.


The optional LED Tech Package allows you to select from 13 different colors, flashing, fading and brightness options via remote. The L.E.D puck is super bright (10 LED cluster), battery operated and waterproof so don't have to worry about accidentally getting wet. 





"We use it for parties on a weekly bases everyone loves it, it works great. The molds are not always the same depth when they freeze so one track may last a bit longer into the night than the other but it's definitely manageable and very convenient that it fits in the freezer"  


"It was a great hit at our party. Lights work great and loved the fade feature. The ice luge popped right out of the mold..."


"This was the hit of the party.  Love it.  Looks professional and definitely worth the price.  Highly recommend." 


"Huge hit at the event it was used. It took around 10 hours for the block to be frozen, as they recommend in the instructions it helps the ice be clear if you boil the water before you freeze it. The LED fit in perfectly underneath and we still have the mold for any future events. This is a worthwhile purchase especially since a lot of other molds are 1 time use and cost almost as much as this one. Trust me everyone will want to take a drink off this awesome luge."


"The King Luge is an Ice Luge that has vastly improved on all the other booze luges to precede it. Truly, they have built the proverbial “better mousetrap”. So what is so great about it? - (Full Review)