King Luge "No Mess" Ice Luge Mold

$ 39.95

Brand Premier Mixers

The King Luge molds AND holds a dual track 30 lb ice luge. Its unique "no mess" design allows you to bring the party inside thanks to the perimeter reservoir which holds up to 1 gallon of runoff. It features dual 24" runs with 9" spacing at the base to comfortably fit 2 people at the same time. The plastic mold is reusable and measures 23" by 14" by 6"

The LED Tech Package allows you to select from 13 different colors, flashing, fading and brightness options via remote. The L.E.D puck is super bright (10 LED cluster), battery operated and waterproof so don't have to worry about accidentally getting wet.

Although it varies between freezers, the average freeze time is about 2-3 days. The molding process is simple: we recommend you place the empty mold in the freezer and then fill it there vs trying to carry it full of water to the freezer. Once frozen, carefully remove the mold with block still in it from freezer. Working a on safe solid surface, gently turn the mold upside using an open palm to support the center of the block so it doesn't slide out unexpectedly. Once upside down, the tray will lift away from block exposing the perfectly carved tracks. Set the block on the opposite side of the mold and you are ready to luge.