Barkeep Organic Bitters

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Brand Barkeep

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Produce with 100% Organic Ingredients, unique and original flavors.   Repeat winners of Greenbar's Barmade Bitters Challenge, a contest to find the best bartender made bitters in America.Chinese Bitters (2009, 2011,2013).  Each flavor delivers a unique experience.

Chinese Bitters.

  • Flavor Profile: A heady interpretation of the traditional five-spice blend, Josh Loving's Chinese bitters adds warmth and dimension to a cocktail.
  • Mixing Notes: A favorite with brown spirits. Try with a Old Fashioned or Manhattan Cocktail.

Apple Bitters

  • Flavor Profile: Marshall Altier's Apple bitters offers rich notes of caramelized apple and warm spice.
  • Mixing Notes: A natural with whiskey, rum and brandy cocktails. It's also great with beer and desserts.

Fennel Bitters

  • Flavor Profile: Adam Stemmler & Dustin Haarstad's Fennel bitters, with a touch of white spice, lends a green note and savory finish to cocktails.
  • Mixing Notes: Add as a counterpoint to bright and fruity profile cocktails.

Saffron Bitters

  • A few dashes of Messrs Brassil and Tardugno's Bitters, made with Savory Herbs and Spices, will add depth and aroma to your favorite Cocktail, soda or desert.

Lavender Bitters

  • Flavor Profile: Made with flowers & herbs, Tobin Ellis & John Hogan's Lavender Bitters, balances fresh lavender's floral yet deeply masculine nature.
  • Mixing Notes: Ideal partner for gin and other white spirit drinks.