Tom's Handcrafted Tomr's Tonic, Artisanal Quinine Syrup

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Brand Tom's Handcrafted

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It is true that the Gin and Tonic has strayed far from its exotic heritage.  We noted and enjoyed many new small batch gins that are being produced by micro distilleries, and we realized that it was the tonic that left us wanting. We searched the marketplace for a rich, flavorful tonic that would enhance the flavors of any premium gin. In essence, we wanted a Gin and Tonic that demanded to be savored, not swilled. When our search proved fruitless, we decided to don our alchemist’s hat and create a new beverage that was true to the original Peruvian tonic heritage. Our criteria were simple; the ingredient list must include bark from the cinchona tree (the original source of quinine), the flavor had to enhance but not overpower the flavor of the gin, and everything had to be 100% natural and organic. A pinch of this and a dash of that, plus hundreds of hours of experimentation and tastings resulted in a beautiful amber colored beverage that we lovingly call Tomr’s. We acknowledge that the ingredient list is simple, as all Tonics are. Yet, we have achieved something truly unique; a small batch Tonic Water that delivers exotic flavors that harkens back to the Raj in 1800’s India while melding beautifully with your favorite gin.



For the perfect Tonic and Gin …simply follow this recipe:


1 oz of Tomr’s

2 oz of your favorite gin

add ice

3 oz of seltzer water


…. and brace yourself!