Pickett’s Ginger Beer Concentrated Syrup (#1 Medium Spicy)

$ 18.95 $ 12.95

Brand Pickett's

  • All natural ginger beer syrup. Mix 5 parts soda water and 1 Pickett’s syrup.
  • Great for Moscow Mules. Mix 1 part vodka and 3 parts ginger beer soda mix over ice with lime wedge
  • Can be used in any recipes that call for natural spicy ginger, like over ice cream, in teas, salads dressings, and glaze for grilled meats.
With a bottle of Pickett’s #1 Ginger Beer concentrated syrup on your home bar, you can serve your cocktail guests their favorite Ginger Beer cocktail with the only all natural organic product on the market.  Just add soda water!  Works great in most soda making machines.