Employees Only Bloody Mary Mix (25 fl oz)

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Brand Employee's Only

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When this swank New York cocktail lounge 'Employees Only' first opened, they served brunch. Eventually they stopped catering to the breakfast crowd, but the demand for their Bloody Mary continued... 

When it comes to the Bloody Mary, no one makes it bigger, bolder and better than the Bartender.

Rich and spicy, EO Bloody Mary is a unique blend of Tomato Juice, Horseradish, Capers, Worcestershire and Hot Pepper sauce perfectly matched with Vodka, tantalizing with Tequila and super with Sake.  

A Bloody Mary made from scratch with fresh ingredients can be one of late summer's best treats, but while we all wait for tomato season to arrive, you can stir up some excitement with a bloody good Bloody Mary.